Modifications Mold Design Based on Evaluation Results Calculation of OEE in Cikarang Plastic Packaging Industrial Company

Penulis Daniel Agung, Fransisca Debora, Achmad Sultoni, Erry Rimawan
Publisher International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology
Nomor ISSN 2456-2165


Plastic packaging industry in Indonesia is growing as the technology develops. The growing plastic packaging industry demands increased competitiveness of firms to survive global competition. One of the processes that can be used to make plastic packaging is the process of Injection Molding. Mold is an important element in the manufacture of products in the plastic packaging industry using Injection Molding process. Mold that has good performance will be able to produce good products in a long time so it will benefit the smoothness of the production process. To prevent mold failure, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measurement is performed as an implementation of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). OEE measures the mold of 3 metrics: Availability, Performance & Quality. Measurements were made in the period January – March 2018 where after OEE measurements obtained results to analyze the effectiveness of the mold. The result shows that there is a decrease of Performance Rate in February caused by low Cavity Efficiency. Low Cavity Efficiency is due to defect in mold. To eliminate the defect is done modification of the mold design. After the modification of the mold design, the Performance Rate in March experienced an increase that impacted the increase of OEE Mold in March. Given the precise analysis with OEE methods, accurate results are obtained to measure the performance of the mold and the correct method of improvement to improve performance.

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