Increased Productivity of Injection Molding with Analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Penulis Daniel Agung, Fransisca Debora, Humiras Hardi Purba
Publisher International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management
Nomor ISSN 2581-5792


The productivity of a product is important for every company. There are 5 injection molds with the highest available production hours in April – July. OEE approach are used to measure productivity of the injection mold. Mold SLDX has lowest OEE values, with an average value of 76.6% . Based on measurement OEE, performance rate has lowest rate, with 81.8% rather than other approaches. Performance rate of injection molding affected by cavity efficiency and cycle time performance. Cavity efficiency become root cause that decrease performance rate of mold SLDX, with average cavity efficiency is 84.13% from April- July. Based on 5 whys, wrong sequence on the mold become root cause of problem that cause low cavity efficiency.. Improvement is done by modify sequence of the mold and add detent puller as safety system of the mold to prevent wrong sequence of the mold. There are increasing values of cavity efficiency after modification of mold design from 84.13% to 99.23% from August – September. Increasing cavity efficiency also increase performance rate of mold SLDX from 81,8% to 98.2% from August- September. Increasing performance rate also increase OEE value of mold SLDX from 76.6% to 94.33% from August- September.

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